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Little Free Libraries

Find out more about little free libraries sprouting up around town.

Little Free Libraries:

Little Free Libraries are sprouting up across the MetroABQ like never before. It's a trend that can already be seen across the country & around the world. Allowing free, 24-hour access to a rotating collection of books is a community benefit without parallel. I see readers of all ages exchanging books at these street-side libraries.

Living in Nob Hill, I catalogued their locations & have spread outward, creating a record of the little free libraries across the city. Having a book or two with me to contribute to the next little library I see has become a habit.

Above is a map of all the Little Free Libraries I've been able to locate, across the MetroABQ & even a little beyond. It is incomplete--if you spot one & want it added, please contact me with a photo of the little library & the nearest/closest two cross streets. Thx

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